natural gas leak

Gas Emergency Safety

Is natural gas safe?

Natural Gas is the cleanest, most efficient burning fossil fuel. This is because natural gas burns completely, giving off heat and mostly carbon dioxide and water vapor. This means that, when used properly, natural gas does not give off noxious fumes or soot like other fossil fuels. Also, Natural Gas has a narrow flammability range, meaning it needs specific conditions in order to burn. However, just like any other energy source, Natural Gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. Below are a few ways to detect a gas leak, and what you should do if you suspect a gas leak in your home or community.

You may have a gas leak if you detect the following:

  1. A rotten egg smell
  2. A blowing or hissing sound coming from an appliance, gas piping, or the ground.
  3. Continuous bubbles or dust blowing from the ground.
  4. Dead or dying grass, shrubs, or trees.
  5. Fire coming from the ground.

What to do in the case of a gas emergency:

If you suspect you have a natural gas emergency, leave the area immediately. Do not operate appliances, light switches, flashlights, cellphones or any other devices that may create a spark in the presence of a gas smell. This could cause an explosion. From a safe distance, or from a neighbor’s phone, call your local utility company immediately at the following numbers:

  • South Coast Gas – (985) 537-5281.
  • Pierre Part Natural Gas – (888) 826-8777.

Emergency gas personnel are on standby 24/7