Pool & Spa Heating

Enjoy your swimming pool more months out of the year with economical, convenient, and dependable natural gas swimming pool heaters.

Water temperatures in a spa or pool stay consistent and comfortable when warmed by natural gas.

With a natural gas spa heater, it takes minutes instead of hours to reach the right water temperature. A natural gas spa or pool heater gives you more usable days at a low cost. Accurate temperature control prevent over-heating and wasted energy for pools and spas. The high average energy efficiency of natural gas pool and spa heaters means lower fuel costs.

Natural Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:

  • Are available to heat any size pool or spa
  • Have accurate controls that keep water within 10 degrees F of the set temperature.
  • Like all natural gas appliances, natural gas swimming pool heaters are built to last, giving you years of outdoor enjoyment and comfort.