Natural Gas Dryers

You’re Always Comfortable With Natural Gas Dryers and Matching Washers

It’s simple to see the advantages of drying clothes with a natural gas dryer. Load after load, you’ll spend less on your laundry since a natural gas dryer dries more clothes, more thoroughly in the same amount of time as an electric dryer. There’s no safer, more dependable, or more economical dryer for your home than a clean, efficient natural gas dryer.

Clothes are softer and fluffier with natural gas dryers due to better temperature control and moisture from the natural gas flame. And, they dryer faster with natural gas, so you can finish your laundry more quickly.

You’ll recover the slightly higher purchase price and installation cost of a natural gas dryer because of lower operating costs. You can save up to $50/year in energy costs using natural gas instead of electricity. A natural gas dryer will dry twice as many loads as an electric dryer for the same cost. Pilotless ignition creates greater energy efficiency since the pilot doesn’t burn constantly, but only lights when the dryer is in use. Over a lifetime of use, those savings really add up.

Natural gas dryers come in a wide range of models, allowing you to choose the performance features and styling that best suit your drying needs.