Gas Grills

For outdoor grilling, nothing gives you more savory flavor with less effort than a natural gas grill. Clean, dependable, fast and easy to use, natural gas gives you all the pleasure of cooking outdoors without messy preparation or clean-up.

Natural gas grills make cooking out year-round simple. Turn on the dial to cook, and turn it off when you’re through. There’s no charcoal to heat up or clean up. No propane tank to refill. Gas grills cook fast, are dependable in any weather, and require less set-up and clean-up, so you can cook out even when the weather keeps you indoors.

There’s a natural gas grill for virtually every budget, need and desire. With dozens of styles and features, finding the right grill for your backyard cooking is simple.

Gas Grills options:

  • Permanent patio base
  • Grill cart – a grill that’s built into a cart on wheels
  • Built-in models for custom outdoor kitchens
  • Dual grill mount – a grill with two separate grilling surfaces.

Features and Benefits of Gas Grills:

  • Self-cleaning porcelain briquettes that warm up fast, virtually eliminating hot and cold spots and flare-ups
  • Heavy-duty porcelain and/or cast-stainless steel cooking grids for easy cleaning and a longer life
    Corrosion- and rust-resistant finishes
  • Drop-in porcelain and swing-away stainless warming racks, which are easy to remove for rotisserie use, have non-stick finishes and are easy to clean.

Natural gas grills use the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, it’s smoke-free, and it doesn’t produce sulfur dioxide, a major contributor to acid rain. And, natural gas grills are inexpensive to operate, with natural gas costing even less than propane.