Gas Cooking

Nothing compares with natural gas for cooking. There’s a wide selection of natural gas cooktops, ovens and ranges with all kinds of special features for cooking convenience. And, you can cook even when the electricity goes out, since you can light the cooktop burners with a match if needed. Consider all the benefits and it’s no wonder most professional American chefs prefer natural gas.

Whether you need a cooktop or range, there’s a natural gas unit to fit perfectly with your kitchen plan. Free-standing ranges come in a variety of sizes, including apartment-size, and offer a variety of options including combination oven/broiler, cooking surfaces with four to six burners, and the ability to convert burners to a griddle, grill or work surface. These options are also available in the slide-in ranges. Slide-in ranges are available in several widths.

Superior natural gas features mean superior results!

  • Maximum heat in an instant
  • Instant cool-down – cooking stops the instant you turn off the natural gas flame, unlike an electric element that keeps cooking as it cools down.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Greater cooktop flexibility, since the adjustable flame makes every burner suitable for any pan size and any type of cooking that is being done
  • Faster, more even cooking with the open flame
  • Easy clean-up, since all grates, knobs and burners are dishwasher safe
  • Optional sealed-surface cooktops for easy cleaning
  • Clean, smoke-free broiling
  • Pilotless ignition
  • Automatic igniters instead of standing pilots for higher efficiency
  • Cooktop burners that can be lit with a match, so you can cook even when electricity goes out.

Cooking with natural gas is more economical – in fact, it costs about half as much as cooking with electricity. You’ll enjoy long-term saving built in to natural gas cooking appliances, such as extra insulation which makes self-cleaning ovens more energy efficient and pilotless ignition systems that uses 40 percent less natural gas for cooking than older models with standing pilots. And, natural gas cooktops and grates are built to last, with fewer parts to fail than electric appliances.